Esports Accreditation cover

Haribon ESports secures accreditation as non-academic organization of PLM

Written by Cedrick Paynor • Board by Mary Joy Cerniaz | 12 March 24

The best is yet to come for Haribon Esports as they have successfully secured accreditation as a non-academic organization of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila after enduring a prolonged period of anticipation.

On February 14, Haribon Esports announced on their Facebook page that the group has achieved the long-awaited accreditation they have been working towards for more than a year. 

The newly acquired accreditation is poised to unlock doors of opportunity, allowing the Esports industry to flourish within the walls of Pamantasan.

In an interview, Peter Simoun Carlos, Haribon Esports Vice President for External Affairs, emphasized the significance of recognizing esports in Pamantasan as a substantial progression, highlighting that the accredited group will work hand in hand to foster the thriving of esports within the student body.

“We want every student to acknowledge that there is a career beyond esports, and let them do what they love without being afraid of getting lost as we are here to guide and establish esports in Pamantasan”, he said.

However, despite the forthcoming triumph of securing accreditation, the journey leading up to this milestone presented Haribon Esports with notable challenges, as they grappled with various limitations within the industry.

Among the challenges faced was the inability to use the PLM name in competitions due to the lack of accreditation, limiting Haribon Esports' visibility and recognition on the competitive stage.

Now that they have achieved formal recognition, navigating a competitive landscape becomes a less daunting task for Haribon Esports.

“It opens doors for players like me to actively engage, compete, and contribute to the vibrant Esports community at PLM”, Mark Dave Limpin, an active player of Haribon Esports stated. 

“I look forward to the exciting developments this accreditation will bring to our gaming experience and the broader campus culture,” he added. 

The accreditation of Haribon Esports in PLM not only opens doors for the organization but also paves the way for a broader understanding of esports as a legitimate and valuable aspect of university life. 

As the esports community continues to grow, this recognition highlights the university's commitment to embracing emerging industries and providing diverse opportunities for its student body.