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ICTO releases memo amid Microsoft changes on PLM accounts

Written by Angel Crismar Joy T. Udtohan • Board by Mary Joy Cerniaz | 18 March 24

The Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO) issued ICTO-2024-0212-01 as Microsoft (MS) changed its range of services which will affect the Official PLM Account effective starting February and August, on Feb. 12

In February, personal online memory/storage was decreased to 100 gigabytes. Beyond the quota, OneDrive was limited to read-only, except for download, delete files, and empty Recycle Bin.

Starting August, MS Office license subscription will only be used online, making several apps and tools that were installed in gadget/s no longer available.

Additionally, the consolidated storage quota for all users will be at 100 terabytes at maximum. Beyond this, OneDrive and SharePoint will be locked in a read-only state, though Outlook will remain unaffected.

PLM employees and students are encouraged to delete unnecessary files saved in OneDrive, empty the Recycle Bin, and use the web version of Microsoft products and services.

Official PLM Accounts enjoyed nearly two decades of free use of Microsoft products and services before the effectivity of these changes.