Peanut Butter cover

Peanut Butter

Written by Ella Mae De Asis • Board by John Ivan Pasion | 28 April 24

Gimme one! 

So sweet yet so vicious

Not knowing what it is 

So volatile yet dripping like liquid gold 

It was never bland nor cold

Yet every beat makes us liable

But why must it be so—unidentifiable?

What is it? What are we?

Must it always be a mystery?

In its surface, no mark, no spot, not a clue

“Why not with a name that’ll compliment you?”

“Why even settle for this?”

“Is it worth it for a little bliss?”

Our tastes may not coincide

Though it’s hard to hide

No traces, no tracks, no right

—I dream of it every night

The soothing words, the sugar rush

The sliding of our spoons, every blush

Irreplaceable, no one can condone

I solely want this, and this alone.

I couldn't focus, I was enthralled, enchanted

Never did one graze put me in a trance

I'd keep this privilege for any price

I'd pull every existing heist for this spice

A diamond in the rough—the ultimate rarity

Even if given all the pearls in the sea...

I wouldn't trade this feeling, not for an eternity.

The risk, the thrill, the uncertainty

A plot against the ordinary, fascinated in ambiguity.

Stubborn hearts know what they want 

Laugh of the present above the pryers’ taunt 

Savored every minute, heart and mind

The chase is fun but a faster one draws near

A harsh slap of reality, a lingering fear

Not by hook nor crook, but merely tangling the line

Even if I turned the world supine...

It stands, I never got to call you mine.

The jar's still blank

and I guess… that's fine.